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Injection molding in the automotive industry

The proportion of injection molding in the automotive sector is growing. Plastic has the advantage of a low weight, is nevertheless stable and weather-resistant and can be recycled later. New drive technology will require even lower weights. The challenge here is to increase strength and durability through intelligent designs.

Plastic articles for automotive customers have special high quality standards. A regular monitoring of the products, proper packaging and storage to the delivery are prerequisites for a successful quality management, which we have certified since 1996. In doing so, it gilds processes and processes that reduce costs here, to comply with them and continue to optimize them in order to counteract global price pressure.

Our customers value the reliable, low-complaisance and satisfaction-oriented order processing. They value the delivery site alone, which in exceptional cases allows fast reaction times. This means that even in the case of short-term increases in the call numbers, the ability to deliver is always maintained. WEHA Plastic GmbH manufactures not only the automotive products for the passenger car exterior and interior (such as: interior and seat cover items), the company also supports the development and production of the series tools.

The WEHA tool shop optimizes the customer tools as required. Apart from modern plastic injection molding machines, extraction and production robots are also used in production. The maintenance department of the machine park and the serial tools are taken over by the maintenance department or the WEHA tool shop.

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