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Your partner for plastic protective caps

We have a complex supply program for protective caps. Important for you: Disposable plastic articles have many positive properties for industrial production. They are environmentally neutral, do not stain, are moisture-resistant and can be easily recycled. So also plastic protective caps from our assortment.

Plastic protective caps can be used in various fields. Basically, however, they can be found where screws, holes or threads need a secure and visually appealing covering. The protective caps are made of flexible plastic, but they are extremely robust at the same time. In this way we also use our highest quality plastic to ensure the quality you are looking for.

We therefore offer protective caps not only in numerous colors and sizes, but also, of course, we also develop custom-made products.

Examples from our plastic caps:

  • Plastic caps for tie rod heads
  • Plastic protective caps in the automotive industry

We find solutions that will benefit you. Give us a call or write us an e-mail:

Mrs. Silke Stemmann

phone: +49 2191 50089 22


Mrs. Birgit Bernauer

phone: +49 2191 50089 29